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Country Acres

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Safeguard your hay bale from getting wet and moldy.


Hay covers protect more than feed.

The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is a form-fitting round hay bale cover with a ratchet strap at the bottom. The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is designed to fit an individual bale of hay or the feeder with the round hay bale inside. It is compatible with various feeders including cattle, horse, and net feeders. Patent pending for a cradle feeder cover. 

Hay Barrels

Country Acres Hay Covers

Decrease hay waste

Decrease time and effort to keep hay dry

Reduce risk to animal health

Horses, cows, and other livestock are expensive. 


And feeding your animals—especially high-quality hay—is also expensive. 


To protect your investment in high-quality hay bales, you’ve likely resorted to tarps and ratchet straps. But you discovered the tarp and ratchet strap solution are inadequate. 


Too often farmers, horse trainers, horse breeders, ranch owners, and equine veterinarians wrangle a 12 foot by 20-foot tarp. And then you must hope it doesn’t blow away before you can ratchet it in place. But that takes time. And it isn’t guaranteed to work—especially if a storm arises. 


There is nothing more frustrating as a farmer or animal trainer than investing in quality hay bales, only to discover it gets wet and moldy. 


If your tarp fails, your hay bale gets wet and you lose money. Not only are you out money for a new tarp and bale of hay, but you run the risk of veterinarian bills if your horse and other livestock get sick. 


If your livestock, especially horses, eat moldy hay they can get colic. A horse with colic that becomes severe may need surgery, and in some very dire cases euthanasia. 


It is vital to keep your round hay bale in good quality condition. 


And you can’t afford to keep throwing money away. 

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The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is wind-proof, providing complete coverage for your round bale of hay. But what’s even better for you as a farmer, horse trainer, horse breeder, ranch owner, or equine veterinarian is that you save time and effort. The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover can be placed and secured in about 2.5 minutes and weighs only 10 pounds. 


The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is not short on quality. Our round hay bale cover is made from 18-ounce polyethylene welded construction. It is estimated to last 5–8 years (even longer depending on how you take care of it.) 


Those in the equine industry benefit because they save time and money.


Decrease hay bale waste, and your time and effort to keep the hay dry—plus reduce the risk to animal health. The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is made only in the United States by U.S. workers. We partner with a company with over 35 years of experience in agriculture supplies. We are ready to manufacture your round hay bale cover today. 


We’ve got your hay covered. Click here to order your Country Acres Hay Bale Cover now!

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