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Country Acres Hay Bale Covers

Our Founder

Deb Anspach

Deb Anspach, Owner, Developer of Country Acres Hay Bale Cover grew up in Spring Garden, Pennsylvania. She first fell in love with horses around the age of five years old. She watched the neighboring Amish family farm the fields nearby. And Deb admired the power of their Clydesdale horses. 


When she turned 12 years old, Deb begged her dad for her first horse. A stipulation of owning her horse was that Deb had to learn how to take care of it—both physically and financially. She kept her first horse until she went to college. 


But her love for horses continued. As a younger adult, Deb leased a horse for two years. It wasn’t until 1994 when she saw the Haflinger breed at a Pennsylvania farm show. That’s when she knew that was the breed for her. 


Her Haflinger horse named, Star, has taken her to competitions. Star and her mother, Cindy have taken Deb on mountain treks in Montana and the Appalachian wagon trail. Not to mention the endless joy both horses bring her.


The idea that inspired the Country Acres Hay Bale Cover was because of practicality. She didn’t want to risk her beloved Cindy getting sick. And Deb was fed up trying to cover her hay with tarps and ratchet straps. Not to mention, this didn’t guarantee to protect her investment. But she knew what not covering her hay meant. The hay would get ruined and she would lose money, or worse, her horse would get sick. 


Deb created the Country Acres Hay Bale Cover to prevent wet, moldy hay that could make her horses sick. The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is a smart move for any farmer, horse trainer, horse breeder, ranch owner, and equine veterinarian. Animals need good quality hay. And with the cost of hay around $60–$150 per bale (depending on the area), you can’t afford to lose any of it. 


The Country Acres Hay Bale Cover is manufactured only in the U.S. because Deb values American-made products. 


Deb has been in the horse industry for over 50 years. She has trained, bred, and boarded horses. Her training methods are like Monty Roberts, the horse whisperer. She’s aware of the best practices and what to avoid when it comes to horse care. She keeps up to date about the equine industry from Penn State University’s equine programs.


Deb has been a member of 4-H since 1988. She is also a member of the Appalachian Wagon Train and participates in their treks. 


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